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Why bad training doesn’t effect my competition performance


Deer Valley (USA) and Val St.-Come (Canada) World Cups 2013/14


First competitions of 2013 – Finland (Europa Cup) and China (World Cups x2)


There’s always a reason to be upside-down


The Pushup Challenge


2013 Summer Switzerland / Canadian water ramping and activities


5 twists (3 different ways) and 6 twists – FAIL


How I became ranked #2 in the World – after a year off


The “Hot-Lap” routine of snow training


Skiing in Ruka, Finland 2013


2012-13 competition jumps


Standing car jump


Spinning it up at Bounce

Go Pro headcam view of summer training in Park City, Utah.




  1. Laura says:

    Ummmmm… Wow hahahaha

  2. Harry says:

    Thank you for coming to the school i am one of the students that listened it was AWESOME good luck for future comps including south Korea in 2018!!!!!!!!

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