Motivational Speaking

    • 1 hour presentation:
      – Powerpoint, pictures and videos
      – Olympic journey beginning to end
      – Discusses determination, persistence, overcoming adversity, professionalism, elite thinking, measuring success, creating and using opportunities, team work.
    • 30 min -1 hour presentation:
      – Powerpoint, pictures and videos
      – key topics are elite thinking, creating and seizing opportunities, team work, measuring success, career progression, positive outlooks in all situations
    • Quick talk:
      – verbal
      – overview of three Olympic experiences and how each was completely different
      – discussing how success comes in varying forms and is not about actually winning
      – explains how attitude and sportsmanship overshadow medals and results
    • Meet and greet is always encouraged, I do like to engage with my audience away from the microphone given sufficient time.



Key Topic presentation aimed at pinpointing relevant ideals and methods.
Skills and concepts cross-overs between professional sport and professional business.
If your Business or workplace is interested in having me speak, please email
My professional profile can be found at LinkedIn

Appearance fee = $3000


Delivering key messages specific to the audience.
Award giving, meet and greet and general mingling.
Please contact me for more information on guest appearances or appearances at functions and awards nights.

Appearance fee = $1000


Over the last 8 years I have spoken to schools all around the state (VIC) to motivate and inspire young kids to pursue their life goals, conquer setbacks and have the right mindset to achieve their life goals.

Schools can be booked through the VIS (at no cost for Vic state government schools)

If your School or small sporting group is interested in having me come out, please contact:

School awards nights appearance = $500

Appearance fee = $500 for non-government schools and sporting groups that do not fall under the Victorian Institute of Sport’s “Be Fit, Be Well” program.
Please contact me for further information or to discuss additional options.

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