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Training VIS

During the off season it’s rest and then straight back into the gym to get strong for the coming northern hemisphere summer. Knees, backs and energy levels deteriorate slowly over the winter season and now that I am home it’s time to build them back up to peak form especially this being potentially the most important year of my sporting career.

I have got back into running as well as going in to the VIS for weights training sessions 3 times a week and along with some tumbling and trampoline training I plan to be in top physical form before heading to Park City USA in June.

Volkl Dalbello Marker

I am very pleased to announce Völkl 
Skis, Marker Bindings, Dalbello Ski Boots, Red Bull and Glenvale Dental as my new individual providers assisting me in my efforts towards Sochi 2014. I’m always very appreciative of any help I get due to how challenging it is finding sponsors for my winter sport.

At this year’s Ski and Snowboard Australia awards I was a nominated finalist for athlete of the year and contributed towards our aerial skiing team winning the outstanding achievement award. The night brought all of the freestyle disciplines together to celebrate our most successful season so far. I receiving a very large (literally) cheque from XTM for my seasons efforts, and recently, a very much anticipated Olympic Shadow Team letter informing me of my
selection for Sochi and met the other predicted 50+ athletes that are being hailed as our best winter team ever.

SSA awards

Be sure to check out the new videos and pictures I put up leading into this Olympic season. I have learned a lot over the last 4 year and especially this last season to help me grow as an athlete and really be up there with the best as a potential Gold medalist in Russia. That is my goal and you can be sure I will be training at the top standard in order to be the best.