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Update: 26th January, 2014

The last two weeks have seen me through 3 competitions in very short succession and has ended the Olympic qualification period for freestyle. The World Cups in Deer Valley (US), Val St.-Come (Canada) and Lake Placid (US) were a real test of energy and mental toughness but I still managed to keep my streak of making finals going completing the season with a finals finish every week.

3rd place Val St.-ComeVal St.-Come turned out to be my most successful competition of the year where despite being overly tired and underprepared for competition day I finished 3rd claiming my first

podium for the year. It was really good practice for me jumping whilst tired and still being able to put down landings when it counted and just keeping it consistent enough to make it all the way through.

Deer Valley ran the full Olympic competition format but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it the whole way through the competition due to some mess ups with scoring and organisation problems not working in my favour but a solid 9th place was still appreciated. Lake Placid had me placed in 8th to finish the season ranked #6 overall and #3 on the Olympic rankings going into the Games that are approaching very quickly. Luckily for me I qualified last year for the Games so it wasn’t a stressful season for me unlike many others.

At this time 4 years ago I had just scraped through and barely qualified at the last minute in the final competition and was praying I’d be selected for the team, I’ve come a long way since then.

Deer Valley world cup 2014

I’m now back in Finland where we started the training for the season, now for the final Olympic training camp before the opening ceremony on the 7th of February.
It is a very exciting time for me and thank you for your support and encouragement along the way. I’m privileged to be able to compete in my second Olympics and I am confident in my ability to perform well when it counts. Obviously anything can happen on the day but I can promise I will be doing everything I can in the moment to be as successful as I can.

Lake Placid jumping Unfortunately there will be a media blackout period throughout the games and we are not allowed to contribute to social media or recognise sponsors during this time.

Please know that I never forget that I could not have made it this far without the support I have received from everyone I’ve come across.

Successes are for everyone to share as I can only perform because I’ve had help getting here

I hope to bring home some metallic bling!

Bread and butter

Posted: October 15, 2013 by davomorris in training

I decided an overall view of the last few months of my summer training was more appropriate as there are greater changes and successes over a longer period of time.

My water ramping training was extremely successful this year leading into Sochi, I worked on a few new skills as well as neatening up the ones I already have. Last year on snow I consistently landed and performed well, but I believe the improvements I’ve made this year will stand out to the judges and have me capable of winning on any given day.
I’m now very comfortable with my “bread and butter” skills, both quadruple twisting triple flips that I competed last year and I practiced another quad twisting skill as well as some quintuple twisting ones that could make an appearance if need be. I even attempted 6 twists just to see if I had it in me.

The water ramping competitions in Switzerland and Canada that I competed in were great practice and gave me some insight into how the other teams were going and what I might be up against this winter. The comps didn’t go the way I planned but in being beaten I was reminded that there is always room for improvement and not to take success for granted. I learn a lot from my mistakes and took these back to Utah and continued improving some important small things right up until the end of the last camp.

double POV

With my body in better condition than this time in previous years, I have returned back home to Australia and for the next month I’ll be in the gym getting stronger and fitter to be in peak physical form before my skis touch the snow. I’m looking forward to being geared up in all my sponsors gear and continuing from a successful end to the season last year.

Leading into the winter I’ve been asked what my expectations are, but it would be impossible for me to predict or determine anything in this sport. But what I can promise is I will be doing everything I can to be the best I can be and that in the moment, I will do what it takes to succeed. Videos from the summer, both training and competing can be found on my Facebook page – worth a watch.

spinning it up with 4 and 5 twists

Switzerland and Quebec competitions, training and activities

some fun ways to get strong!

Less than 200 days until Sochi

Posted: July 21, 2013 by davomorris in Bounce Inc, Park City, Sponsors, Telstra, training

The Australian Team finds themselves back in Park City, Utah in the States for another 4-5 months of summer training in the pool.

I’ve just come to the end of my second camp here and will be commencing the third block tomorrow. We train for 3 weeks at a time and then have 5 days off throughout the whole time we’re over here.


As always I started with the “basics” and continue to work my way up to the harder skills each week. The first camp consisted of single flips adding up to two twists, just trying to perfect them and work on my bad habits and I’ve now moved up to double flips with up to three twists. I don’t tend to do triple flips until later in the summer, because of the impact it has on my body and this year in particular I’m focusing on improving the little things which are more easily fixed on easier skills.

It has been very successful so far and I’m excited to see where we shall get by the end of the summer and to break up the location a little bit I will be traveling to Switzerland again this year for their water ramping competition and then to Canada for their competition. I love jumping with other athletes and putting a little pressure on myself when it’s not on snow, it will be good to see where other boys are at regarding their skills and also be a fun and safe way to compete aggressively which I love doing.

I recently became an ambassador for “Australia’s Greatest Athlete” which will be televised soon although unfortunately I will not be around to compete in it this year. I would also like to welcome Telstra on board as my newest sponsor and provider after presenting me with the newest of smart phones to help me stay connect, and Bounce Inc. – a huge indoor trampoline arena who have allowed me to train there and get ready for snow whenever I need to.

With just over two month remaining of training, and less than 200 days before the Olympics, I have a lot of work ahead but I am excited and very confident as to the direction I’m heading.

Camp 3 & 4

Posted: September 13, 2012 by davomorris in training

Camp 3 and 4 sort of moulded into one another. In preparation for the Swiss competition I worked quickly up to my hardest skills (quadruple twisting triple flips) and had them down pretty quickly. They’re my favourite tricks to do because they’re difficult and I really have to switch on to do them. And I also like when all the spectators cheer when they see something crazy, I won’t lie. So I jetted off to Switzerland courtesy of the Swiss team, along with a US jumper and two Canadians. They housed us in a hotel and gave us a van for the time we were there. I honestly had the best time I’ve ever had, the atmosphere over there is so relaxed and enjoyable and I had the best time jumping with some boys for once, the ones good enough to really push me to be better and compete against me on a daily basis. The competition was great, I competed all of my hardest tricks, unfortunately I didn’t do so well, the judges didn’t seem to like my landings very much, but oh well what can you do. Mich the Swiss coach managed to coach his team and very kindly – also us! Here’s the video i made from Switzerland. It was hard coming back to the States after having a blast over there. I had a few days off in Switzerland then returned immediately to jumping here in Park City, continued my skill development and neatening up of the jumps I can already do. I’ve had my dad and brother come and visit separately and made them both go off the jumps. A few days ago I did a new trick for the summer which was a quintuple twisting triple flip, and we have just started our final training block before heading home. The weather is starting to cool significantly and as always with only a few days left there’s always a lot to get done. Just about ready to take it all to snow once again for the 2012-13 World Cup season.

Summer Camp #2

Posted: July 19, 2012 by davomorris in training

A nice hot sunny day to complete camp #2 for the summer, and with it a competition simulation just to put a bit of pressure on us to see how we perform. I’ve been jumping pretty well lately, making some good improvements on skills that I’ve struggled with for many years and now I’m spending more time on the double working my twisting double flips. I worked my way up to triple twisting double flips to finish the camp and next camp will start progressing onto the triple kicker for the ‘big boy’ skills.

I received an invitation the other day from the Swiss team, inviting me to attend a water ramp competition over at their water ramps. I feel very privileged to be asked to go, and the fact that they are going to pay for me to fly over there and stay for a week just to compete, really puts the icing on the cake. It should be a great competition with a number of nations flying in. It means I need to get a move on with my skills if I’m to give them a run for their money. The last big water ramp comp I attended I ended up competing a quintuple twisting, triple flip. I suspect, with the amazing jumpers who will be attending from Canada, Belarus and of the course the Swiss, that there will be some impressive skills put down.

I got some great news yesterday from home, that I have been accepted to receive an Elite Athlete Travel Grant from the Victorian Minister for Sport and Recreation. Which will be very helpful in my multiple round the world flights that I will venture on during the upcoming winter season. I’m very grateful for this and look forward as always to representing Victoria and Australia during the World Cup season, which this year leads into the World Championships in Norway.

For now though a break from camp for a few days, but some sweet things to look forward to in the next month.

Back to training

Posted: June 25, 2012 by davomorris in Park City, training

I have returned back to training this year after a long break from the sport. Seven straight years of hard training finally got the best of me and I needed to walk away to let my body and mind reset itself. I managed to finally graduate my university course and now have a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Physical Education (1st Class Honours) and have been doing some emergency teaching at my old school in the time I was home. I continued coaching gymnastics and also coached tumbling for a cheerleading team. I traveled around Victoria doing motivational speaking on behalf of the VCEHelp company. Now, back in Park City, Utah once again and I’ve never been happier to be here training. We have just completed our first training camp here, where, as per usual, it has been back to basics and fixing any potential problems on the single kicker before moving onto bigger and better jumps. My coach from the Olympics is temporarily back to help out and we’ve made some improvements which will hopefully transfer to my hardest skills and make me a more consistent jumper. My body is still adjusting to the intensity of full time training again but I have spent 2 months back home in the VIS getting as fit and strong as possible, and completed the Tough Mudder obstacle course at Phillip Island, so much fun. In the upcoming camp I will be on the double kicker, working on the more simple double flips before adding on as many twists as I can. I’ve come to the point in my career where I don’t have any new skills to learn, I just need to perfect the ones I already know and make them appealing to judges. Rested body, rested mind, and a whole new me to take on the World this year, and start qualifying for Sochi 2014.