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Update: 26th January, 2014

The last two weeks have seen me through 3 competitions in very short succession and has ended the Olympic qualification period for freestyle. The World Cups in Deer Valley (US), Val St.-Come (Canada) and Lake Placid (US) were a real test of energy and mental toughness but I still managed to keep my streak of making finals going completing the season with a finals finish every week.

3rd place Val St.-ComeVal St.-Come turned out to be my most successful competition of the year where despite being overly tired and underprepared for competition day I finished 3rd claiming my first

podium for the year. It was really good practice for me jumping whilst tired and still being able to put down landings when it counted and just keeping it consistent enough to make it all the way through.

Deer Valley ran the full Olympic competition format but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it the whole way through the competition due to some mess ups with scoring and organisation problems not working in my favour but a solid 9th place was still appreciated. Lake Placid had me placed in 8th to finish the season ranked #6 overall and #3 on the Olympic rankings going into the Games that are approaching very quickly. Luckily for me I qualified last year for the Games so it wasn’t a stressful season for me unlike many others.

At this time 4 years ago I had just scraped through and barely qualified at the last minute in the final competition and was praying I’d be selected for the team, I’ve come a long way since then.

Deer Valley world cup 2014

I’m now back in Finland where we started the training for the season, now for the final Olympic training camp before the opening ceremony on the 7th of February.
It is a very exciting time for me and thank you for your support and encouragement along the way. I’m privileged to be able to compete in my second Olympics and I am confident in my ability to perform well when it counts. Obviously anything can happen on the day but I can promise I will be doing everything I can in the moment to be as successful as I can.

Lake Placid jumping Unfortunately there will be a media blackout period throughout the games and we are not allowed to contribute to social media or recognise sponsors during this time.

Please know that I never forget that I could not have made it this far without the support I have received from everyone I’ve come across.

Successes are for everyone to share as I can only perform because I’ve had help getting here

I hope to bring home some metallic bling!

Amazing weekend

Posted: January 21, 2013 by davomorris in Lake Placid

The double event in Lake Placid this week turned out to be the most successful few days of my career to date. Training was pretty rough for me and not overly amazing, not really boosting my confidence for the competitions but on day one I was pumped up and ready to go. Training was very short and I didn’t get to practice all the jumps I wanted to before competing. As a result I was a little shaky in the qualification round and my quadruple twisting triple flip wasn’t very good. I scored enough for 12th which is the last position into finals and had to wait for another 15 jumpers to go and hope I held my spot.  I brought all my things down from the hill convinced my day was over but somehow stayed in 12th, and was gifted with another chance to make the most of the day. I most certainly took that chance on the next jump, launching a huge one landing nearly perfectly and putting myself into 3rd and into my second super-final (top 4). With three Chinese competitors in the super-final I would have to do something special to avoid another 4th position and after a quick chat with my coach, we decided I would compete a different quadruple twisting triple flip, without practice and just do it as my final jump and see how we went. It was big and landed and I got myself on the World Cup podium for the first time and enjoyed every second of celebration like I’d won the gold. Redeeming myself from last into the finals, with two very high scoring jumps to upset a Chinese sweep of the podium.

After using all of my energy up the next day was competition number two, and I was definitely a lot quieter and reserved. Training was alright, and given how uncomfortable it was to ‘hope’ that I wouldn’t get knocked out of the top 12 the day before I was going to make sure I did something impressive for the first round. Skiing into the jump at 70kmph, much faster than we had anticipated I did probably the biggest jump of the whole competition stretching the entire 4 twists to the ground and somehow landed on my feet much to everyone’s surprise, and secured a 3rd place into the finals. I repeated this jump in the next round and despite some very impressive jumps from most of the competitors scored well enough to put myself into 2nd into my third consecutive super-final. The weather changed dramatically between the rounds and despite stepping up to come in faster due to heavy winds, it was not fast enough, I snuck my feet in to land my final jump but it wasn’t enough for another podium and I finished in 4th.  I was as pleased as I was disappointed but an amazing weekend and am now ranked #3 in the World.