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Bukovel Gold + World # 2

Posted: February 26, 2013 by davomorris in Bukovel, World Cup

Long story short – I won my first World Cup and in doing so bumped myself up to 2nd overall in the World to finish of the season.


Bukovel – Ukraine, was never on the cards for our team as it was planned that we’d train for World Championships in Ruka

Finland leading up to the event. Yet after some discussion with my coach we decided that after Sochi, if I had a chance at holding a top 5 position I would go to the Ukraine. It was an amazing jump site and beautiful place to be much to everyone’s surprise, I went only with my top coach Eli, and would be coached by the Swiss coach Mich Roth for the week.

Despite my skis not arriving until a day later I stuck to the same schedule as I would any other week, two days training and keeping the jumps to a minimum to conserve my energy. It played out normally being a bit average on the first day as I get used to the site, figuring it out on day two, and on comp day zoning in on everything and getting it done. I woke up that morning, and convinced myself I was going to win. The qualification round was by far the most nervous I’d ever been in a competition.
I’d put so much pressure on myself to do well because I knew that a win could put me into 2nd overall, but I had to beat a few certain people, who annoyingly for me all made the finals. My first jump was good but tentative, enough to make it through safely. I did another quad twisting triple flip to get into the top 4 and it needed to be something special and it was.

Went up high and came down softly putting me into 1st coming into the final round. I competed my hardest skill on the last jump, one I haven’t practiced for a few weeks, landed it and couldn’t believe my ears when I heard I’d won. Everything had fallen into place, at the last moment and it was truly a dream finish to the season. Maybe it was a long time coming and not a surprise to a few people, but I think the majority never saw this coming, but I knew I had it in me, and there’s still more to come. Thank you everyone for following me. Bring on World Championships!