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The best is yet to come

Posted: December 29, 2013 by davomorris in Beijing, Europa Cup, Ruka, World Cup

It’s the end of another year and the start of a new season and the most important season leading into the Olympics.

green pants

2nd place Europa Cup 2013

The team trained in Ruka, Finland as we always do and I found I was having a rough time getting things going this year really struggling to put it all together and just do nice jumps like I was consistently doing last season. In typical form I pulled it together for the Europa Cup competitions and placed 2nd and 4th also managing to compete a skill that I have only ever performed once on snow.

The first World Cups were in China in two separate locations, Beida Lake and then for the finale – inside the Birds Nest stadium in Beijing.

Beida Lake was a rough training week for me, I wasn’t landing or jumping well and then finally on my first competition jump my brain and body decided to work together and I landed the 2 jumps that counted and placed 5th which I was very happy about but realised I have a lot more work to do this year and can’t ride the success of last year without any effort.

Jumping in the Birds Nest was incredible and overwhelming at first to see such a huge structure with snow in a place that I can only associate with summer sports.

Birds Nest Beijing

I trained well and worked up to my most difficult skills within 2 days and competed them successfully getting myself into the finals (top 12) but unfortunately crashed in finals and finished 11th which again I’m happy with as a finals spot is always good but I expect more of myself than that. My Mum, Dad and brother turned up to watch and I was hoping for something a bit more spectacular but found myself lying on snow at the bottom a bit surprised I hadn’t landed, but there’s always next week.

Jumping Birds Nest. photo|Peter Morris

I head to Park City tomorrow for a much needed week of just training before a very busy three World Cups in 12 days all in different locations over the US and Canada.

That will be end of Olympic qualifications and officially confirm my place on the Sochi 2014 team.

The best is yet to come…

Aerial Skiing training lap – Finland (feat. Aus/Swiss/GB)

Aussies Skiing in Ruka, Finland