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Time off

Posted: November 11, 2012 by davomorris in AIS

Time off at home is never truly time off, the last few weeks have consisted of a weights training camp at the AIS in Canberra and Jindabyne, strength and cardio testing and further workouts back home right up until the day I shall leave for Europe on the 22nd November. I was a very intense fitness camp in Canberra and I enjoyed every moment, I like working hard in an environment that is made for athletes. My body hated me at the end of each day as there was never a day off but by the end I felt a lot stronger and fitter than I’ve been in a while. We also had a few hikes through the bush, up Black Mountain and down Perisher. There was a ropes course that proved nicely challenging for everyone and the coaches designed an amazing race around Jindabyne which was a great way to get fit without being too tedious. The only thing I didn’t like was the ice baths in the lake, so cold!!! I really should get used to that given I do a winter sport… Less than two weeks now before I head to Finland to start jumping on snow, as always, I’m very nervous for the start but I usually get into it pretty quickly once I’m in the air. It’s a shorter competition season than normal which suits me nicely. Seven World Cup competitions around the World and the World Championships in Norway. I’m very confident with my skills this year, so hopefully I’ll be updating everyone with news of podiums throughout the season. The first one is in China just after New Year, I’ve always done well there so I plan to start off with something big a stamp my mark on the competition field right from the word go. Each competition this year counts towards qualifying for the 2014 Olympics, I’m in a much better position than the previous ones but I plan to easily get in, rather than leaving it to the last moment like last time.