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***Videos for book related chapters featured below,
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first attempts at getting air off a jump




Interested in Aerial Skiing




I’ll show YOU!




Secret training

Spinning up a storm



Split teams

Summer of triples

My first International water ramping competition




Sticking it to them

Struggling in the big competitions

Stepping up to the plate
Kicked out of the US

Now or never



My 2009-10 World Cup campaign begins

Down to the wire
Don’t get hurt

Vancouver Olympics 2010 – Qualifications

******tune in at 0:47:33 and 1:42:22
or you can watch the whole event to see some amazing jumps******

Olympic jumps Vancouver 2014











The next leg


Training in the darkness
Beida Lake

How to destroy your hip / a season not to remember
Doing well and hating it



Finding my feet again
Crumbling team
Getting the ball rolling



Hard work pays off
Didn’t see that coming
Getting lucky or being trained
The Australian men’s team
World Championships – Voss, Norway 2013
Summer of the Sochi season

The build-up to Sochi

Eyes on my own plate



Peaking too early
Getting in the right headspace
It begins

sochi quals









Rarefied air

sochi finals pic










Now what?

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