Posted: December 23, 2014 by David Morris in Uncategorized

AutobiographyIt was not a complete surprise when I was handed my Olympic silver medal. It was exciting of course but I had worked for it.

The full story behind how I got there is now available in my autobiography “Second Nature”.

I started at the beginning just like everyone and slowly learned how to become an athlete, how to compete, how to win and how to lose. I slowly learned how to be a professional at what I do and that it wasn’t at all luck that I got my results. I was trained and ready to be there that day.

I’m constantly asked how it feels to have been so close to getting a gold, just missing out. And at one point that would have been how it felt, but after 12 years in the sport and with a less than peasy journey, I see it very differently now.

I did not lose a gold medal that day, I simply earned the silver that day. It was my highest possible result, and when you read how I got there, it’s easy to understand why I went home with no regrets.
For details on how to purchase a copy click here

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