Bread and butter

Posted: October 15, 2013 by davomorris in training

I decided an overall view of the last few months of my summer training was more appropriate as there are greater changes and successes over a longer period of time.

My water ramping training was extremely successful this year leading into Sochi, I worked on a few new skills as well as neatening up the ones I already have. Last year on snow I consistently landed and performed well, but I believe the improvements I’ve made this year will stand out to the judges and have me capable of winning on any given day.
I’m now very comfortable with my “bread and butter” skills, both quadruple twisting triple flips that I competed last year and I practiced another quad twisting skill as well as some quintuple twisting ones that could make an appearance if need be. I even attempted 6 twists just to see if I had it in me.

The water ramping competitions in Switzerland and Canada that I competed in were great practice and gave me some insight into how the other teams were going and what I might be up against this winter. The comps didn’t go the way I planned but in being beaten I was reminded that there is always room for improvement and not to take success for granted. I learn a lot from my mistakes and took these back to Utah and continued improving some important small things right up until the end of the last camp.

double POV

With my body in better condition than this time in previous years, I have returned back home to Australia and for the next month I’ll be in the gym getting stronger and fitter to be in peak physical form before my skis touch the snow. I’m looking forward to being geared up in all my sponsors gear and continuing from a successful end to the season last year.

Leading into the winter I’ve been asked what my expectations are, but it would be impossible for me to predict or determine anything in this sport. But what I can promise is I will be doing everything I can to be the best I can be and that in the moment, I will do what it takes to succeed. Videos from the summer, both training and competing can be found on my Facebook page – worth a watch.

spinning it up with 4 and 5 twists

Switzerland and Quebec competitions, training and activities

some fun ways to get strong!

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