Getting my groove back

Posted: January 13, 2013 by davomorris in China, Europa Cup, Ruka, Val St-Come

First update of the New Year and it’s a big one. My return to jumping on snow started in Ruka, Finland in November and got off to a shaky start as it has been 2 years since I jumped on snow. A few days in I got my groove back and started jumping normally with added improvements from the past summer.  In some very cold conditions I worked my way through my double flips and onto triples. They never do get easier, they’re just as scary each time, but that’s what makes it so much fun. With a Europa Cup double event a few days off I got a few triples in and on the competition day decided to do my triples twisting triple flips of the year, and competed it about 20 minutes later to place 2nd against the Swiss, Ukraine and Belarusian teams. I was pretty excited to start my season on a little high, and followed it up the next day with a 3rd place. The camp ended well despite a nasty crash that had me in the medical centre hoping not to get stitches on my face, but I was still a little behind where I needed to be to compete in the first World Cup in China 2 weeks later. A nice week at home for Christmas, and then jet setting across the seas once again. China as always was very cold but the jump site was amazing. Despite getting quite sick, in the few short days of training I got up to my hardest jumps and added my quadruple twisting triple flip to the mix and competed it the next day, sneaking my feet through to land and make the top 12 and into finals. I crashed my next jump and ended up 11th, but a fantastic start to the World Cup season with only a few jumps under my belt. A long flight to Canada and my first time jumping in Val St-Come, had me excited to be on a new site, despite flat light and foggy conditions, training went very well, and I woke up on competition day feeling like something big was going to happen. I landed my quad twist and qualified 4th into the semifinals, landed it again and qualified 2nd into the super finals (top 4), the first time I’ve done this. Sadly I crashed my last jump and ended up 4th just missing a podium spot but being my best performance to date, and possibly my best jumps ever, I’m thrilled.

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