Camp 3 & 4

Posted: September 13, 2012 by davomorris in training

Camp 3 and 4 sort of moulded into one another. In preparation for the Swiss competition I worked quickly up to my hardest skills (quadruple twisting triple flips) and had them down pretty quickly. They’re my favourite tricks to do because they’re difficult and I really have to switch on to do them. And I also like when all the spectators cheer when they see something crazy, I won’t lie. So I jetted off to Switzerland courtesy of the Swiss team, along with a US jumper and two Canadians. They housed us in a hotel and gave us a van for the time we were there. I honestly had the best time I’ve ever had, the atmosphere over there is so relaxed and enjoyable and I had the best time jumping with some boys for once, the ones good enough to really push me to be better and compete against me on a daily basis. The competition was great, I competed all of my hardest tricks, unfortunately I didn’t do so well, the judges didn’t seem to like my landings very much, but oh well what can you do. Mich the Swiss coach managed to coach his team and very kindly – also us! Here’s the video i made from Switzerland. It was hard coming back to the States after having a blast over there. I had a few days off in Switzerland then returned immediately to jumping here in Park City, continued my skill development and neatening up of the jumps I can already do. I’ve had my dad and brother come and visit separately and made them both go off the jumps. A few days ago I did a new trick for the summer which was a quintuple twisting triple flip, and we have just started our final training block before heading home. The weather is starting to cool significantly and as always with only a few days left there’s always a lot to get done. Just about ready to take it all to snow once again for the 2012-13 World Cup season.

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