Back to training

Posted: June 25, 2012 by davomorris in Park City, training

I have returned back to training this year after a long break from the sport. Seven straight years of hard training finally got the best of me and I needed to walk away to let my body and mind reset itself. I managed to finally graduate my university course and now have a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Physical Education (1st Class Honours) and have been doing some emergency teaching at my old school in the time I was home. I continued coaching gymnastics and also coached tumbling for a cheerleading team. I traveled around Victoria doing motivational speaking on behalf of the VCEHelp company. Now, back in Park City, Utah once again and I’ve never been happier to be here training. We have just completed our first training camp here, where, as per usual, it has been back to basics and fixing any potential problems on the single kicker before moving onto bigger and better jumps. My coach from the Olympics is temporarily back to help out and we’ve made some improvements which will hopefully transfer to my hardest skills and make me a more consistent jumper. My body is still adjusting to the intensity of full time training again but I have spent 2 months back home in the VIS getting as fit and strong as possible, and completed the Tough Mudder obstacle course at Phillip Island, so much fun. In the upcoming camp I will be on the double kicker, working on the more simple double flips before adding on as many twists as I can. I’ve come to the point in my career where I don’t have any new skills to learn, I just need to perfect the ones I already know and make them appealing to judges. Rested body, rested mind, and a whole new me to take on the World this year, and start qualifying for Sochi 2014.

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